This is the blog of an aspiring twenty-something writer who, ironically, doesn’t do a whole lot of writing. That was an apt description in 2002 when I first started blogging, and it remains so to this day (aside from that “twenty-something” bit). I suppose there’s still some room for growth.

Prosaic Shades of Gray started as a simple writing project when I was a college student. I set up a free account on Blogger.com in order to force myself to write on a regular basis. For a time, the plan really worked. But then it didn’t. Inevitably, I started running out of words.

There finally came a day when I sat down to write something new, and I had nothing left to say. After you do this kind of thing for a few consecutive years, you come to understand the true meaning of futility. The internet is a huge bathroom wall, and any halfwit with a keyboard and a connection has an opportunity to scrawl on it. Writing something worthwhile can take hours of labored effort, but it only takes a reader a few seconds and a couple clicks to ignore the final draft.

After neglecting my blog for well over a year with that fatalistic attitude, I decided to make a fresh start on a new domain in 2008. So here I am again, tossing my single meek voice into the shrieking wind. I honestly don’t know what I’m hoping to accomplish this time around. I’ll just have to keep on writing until I figure that part out.

For a good time, look for KZ at Prosaic Shades of Gray.