The Most Pun-derful Time of the Year

December 24, 2015 (Thu)



Diana: This one’s for your aunt, right?

Kevin: Yep.

Diana: Okay, I’m going to wrap it right now. (Leaves the room)

Kevin: What about Adam Ant?

Diana: (Returning to the room) What?

Kevin: You also have a gift to wrap for Adam Ant, right?

Diana: (Sigh) I’ve never regretted asking “What?” so much in my life as I do right now.

Kevin: Not a fan of 80’s music, huh?

Diana: Say one more word, and you’re wrapping this gift yourself.

Kevin: Oh come on, Diana. It’s Christmas! Why are you so Adam Ant [adamant] about ruining my good time?

Boom. Merry Christmas, kids.

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