The Sweetness of Holiday Snark

January 8, 2015 (Thu)



20 Days of Chill Writing Challenge (2015)
Day 3: “Willy Wonka’s Greatest Candy Making Secret”


Last December, Diana and I held a Christmas party at our house. There was food, and drink, and a whole lot of merry-making, but the main attraction of the night was the gingerbread house competition. There were five teams in contention, and those of us who didn’t participate took a vote on our favorite submission.

First we have our three runner-ups.

Runner-Up #1: Mel & Betsy

Mel and Betsy put together a tidy little house with an intricate roof pattern. I really loved the decapitated Santa Claus. I actually voted for this one.

Runner-Up #2: Jason & Sandra

Jason and Sandra made good use of the candied chocolates to create a classic, subtle aesthetic. Jason kept wanting to punch it up with something, but I thought it looked kind of classy this way.

Runner-Up #3: Dawn & Stephy

Dawn and Stephy went all out and built the quintessential gingerbread house. I swear, this is the kind of thing you might see featured in an arts and crafts magazine. I also really dig the green “guacodile” made out of graham crackers and guacamole.

And now we have our dubious winner.

The Winner : Ed the Cheater

Ed will be the first to tell you that his house received the most votes only because he used his daughter’s toy dinosaur as a prop. He actually felt pretty bad that he won.

And then we have our very dubious second place contender.

Second Place : Josh & Jarrod

This sarcastically constructed pile of rubble was very nearly voted into first place.  I think it only lost by one vote or so.

This sarcastically constructed pile of rubble was very nearly voted into first place. It only lost by one vote or so.

I think this all but confirms it: My friends are a bunch of snarky, irreverent dicks. They fit me like a glove, those magnificent bastards.


20 Days of Chill Writing Challenge (2015)
Another painful exercise in forced inspiration brought to you by
A ‘lil Hoohaa

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  1. P.J.          
    January 9, 2015 at 6:16 am Reply

    Personally, I would have voted for the one in a pile of rubble. Especially if I could have eaten some of it afterword.

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